Project description

Jelenia Góra Digital Library
The Jelenia Góra Digital Library was created by the Town Public Library in Jelenia Góra with a financial support of the Lower Silesian self-government.
The aim of the Library is to make accessible and to promote digital forms of rare, interesting and valuable regional publications: books, periodicals, documents of social life, diaries of Jelenia Góra dwellers and biographies of people related to the town and the region history, maps, graphics as well as postcard connected to Jelenia Góra and Lower Silesia which are in the Town Public Library and the project participants possession.
The store of The Jelenia Góra Digital Library currently contain collections consisted of:
Books – precious publications from the Town Public Library recourses and bibliography of contents of the one of the most important Jelenia Góra periodicals – Rocznik Jeleniogórski.
Postcards - a selection of postcards form the resources of the Town Public Library presenting Jelenia Góra and the surroundings.
Biographical Dictionary of Jelenia Góra Land – biographies of people related to Jelenia Góra and the region from the most remote to the contemporary times, excluding living people.
The Jelenia Góra Digital Library obeys the copyright and related rules.
The Library functions in dLibra framework prepared by the Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo Sieciowe.
Information prepared by
Ewa Grzempa
Dział Instrukcyjno-Metodyczny GBP (TPL)
Jelenia Góra, 30th august 2006

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